Saturday, January 22, 2011

my roomates

KB: izwan
syukri(bju putih)


2nd sem,
new sem, new friends, new social life, new roomates...

well now, i got a dorm which 8 people lives in it. including me of course.

we got the ketua bilik, or we call him KB.. (which i really like because of that korean song)
he is somekind of person that have the power to make me stop doing something. for example, making fun of someone, if he said something, i think im afraid of him.. haha.. nope, i respect him. because he has that charisma that many people yearn to have. but its difficult to ask him to go anywhere with us cause he have many commitments. maybe la..

next is this boy,
sometimes he is fun, but sometimes he got pms or something that even i cant disturb him. he is totally difficult to go out with. i think only 1 or two times this sem we go and have dinner together. dont know why. but when playing joke with him it is totally fun.

then, we have the same perakians in this room,
he is addicted to games, but he can focus to his studies too.. he got in the deans list.. haha.. cool man.. he is the first one i know in this room.. haha.. hes ok.. nothing to comment bro.. i love the way you r..

another perakians in the room,
he is someone that loves to share his problems.. and he is also easy to get along with.. a good boy i think.. that is one of your good personality.. it is fun to befriend with you.. but sometimes he drop other people like hell.. haha shit...good to know u bro, even we are not going to be in the same place again..

one more, fuck tired of typing.. he is sometimes i can call him as naive, but sometimes he is ok.. but that is it.. he can sometimes be very annoying and sometimes be very good boy... problems with laptop, huh, stop it bro.. u r being cheated.. love life, im not going to say u fail, cause u will find someone that is suitable for u man.. and 1 more thing u r goodlooking, so no worries.. its easy bro..

kelantanese boy.. haha, he is one of my roomates that have the same stupid ideas with me.. he introduced me to many things.. yup hes fun and cool to hangout with.. its not easy to find someone like him to have the same head like urs.. haha..lucky me..

last but not least, this childish but matured one.. sometimes can be as childish as a kindergarten students.. sometimes can be as matured as 90 year old grandpa.. his story is interesting to hear, and yup, he can manage to get in the deans list even he is like this.. well he is sarawakians... i it will be hard to be seeing u again after the asasi bro.. haha..

p/s: thats all...sorry la kalo english aku skema sket.. tp besa la, bru nak try ckp english..haha..

new year new motive

its a new year.. yea, i know its been almost a month now, but who cares..
during this time, ive learnt many things. but the almost important of all is three thing

1:my relation with my god
2:my social lifes
3:my studies

yup, i know what ive done in the past is not to be proud at. but from my view everything has its silver lining. i now see that ALLAH can do anything to make you realize what is important in life. for example i got band 3 for MUET.. even it is 179, and to get band 4 is 180, but im still at the same level with them who got 120 for their MUET. sad isnt it. nope, nothing is impossible for ALLAH. and i accept it.

even now, i realize, there are many people that i can rely on.. my family, my good friends. they all can help me when im in a tough situation. with the exposure that i get now, i can see that there is no one who are truly evil. even if they are someone who plays with girls, take drugs or gambling. they are still someone, there will always be a good side in everyone. but maybe mona fendi doesnt have any concience left...haha

next, my studies, i dont know wether i can get into law or not.. yea, im afraid if i didnt get into law. but if that is fate, i accept it. i think that i have tried my best, but im trying. so god, please give me strenght.

p/s: ill try to update my blog more often.. i think i need to let go of my feelings somewhere and i think blog is the best place.. haha..

Monday, November 8, 2010

my most trustworthy friend(serious ke)

sowi xtulis pasal ko awl2..
jgn tacink bhai...

name member aku ni kan

tp pggil apis@itik for short...hahaha
schoolmate aku dulu...
pernah jd mentor aku...
duduk shah alam(tp skali pown xpernah nak lwt aku kat sana)(cissss, smpai ble2 aku tunggu yg ini)
sekarang die blaja kat kolej teknologi timur....
amek aliran dlm medic..
nanti die dah nak gy obersea...
gudluck r kat sana ye bro..
btw, sape ckp aku lpe ko....
bhai, ko member bek aku kot...
lahir 31.8.1992..(lantak ko la, mcm aku kesah lak)
pling ske movie american pie..(haha...kelucahan ko terserlah) nak ckp dah...penat aku cerite pasal ko...
ap function..(ooo sbb ko terase)...hahaha
kenape trusworthy??
ko pikir2 la sendiri apis oiii...

p/s: jgn ingat xtegur je...sbb nnt mesti dgr ko mencarot kat aku...sial nye itik..

Friday, November 5, 2010

nur izzati ali mengatean blog ini tidak seronok...
oleh itu jgn bce...
ezad JGN BCE...
kerana post ini bkn untuk anda...
kerana post ini membosankan
EZAD....jgn bce lg...
untuk itu aku ltakkan 2-3 pic ko kat sini ye...
dan ezad...ko adlh adik bongsu aku..
dan aku syg ko soooo much...hahaha

p/s: sgt rindu kat ko...hahaha

Thursday, November 4, 2010


aku semakin hari semakin pelik ngan manusia and dunia...


1-sbb org xbley terime personalti org len...
(kat sini aku cerite pasal laki yg lembut and pompuan yg mcm laki)
soalan aku....
korang rase mereka ni nak jd mcm tu??
mane ad org yg lhir kat dunia ni nak ad kekurangan mcm ni....
xmungkin juga ble diorang ni dah besar dah mtg bru jd pondan or pengkid...
korang rse diorang seronok ke dicaci oleh org len...
sume org cbe berubah menjadi yg terbaik dan kte sbagai kwn mesti tlg..
bkn benci dan fuck dorang habis2san...
smpai bercerite ergosip dan sumenye...
kte perlu kenal dgn dorang ni bru kte taw ap yg dorang capable off
kalo xknal jgn nak fuck dorng abes2san...
satu bnda je kte kena phm, dorang ni pown manusia...

2-sbb org xbley nak bersyukur dgn ap yg ad
soalan aku...
kenape sume benda yg kte ad, kte xpernah nak bersyukur
bersyukur la ap yg kte ad..
walaupown laptop ko ad 32 gig je ke
fon murah ke
even ko xde transport
kte bersyukur je
sbb sumenye ad hikmah walaupown kte xde kekayaan,
kte mesti kaya dgn satu je iaitu amalan
my favourite quotes 'everything happens for a reason'

3-sbb org zaman skrang xmenghargai kwn
soalan aku...
kenape ble korang senang korang xingat kwn2 korang
mungkin kalau itu adlh kwn time senang je, xpe la
kte kena phm., kwn time susah n sng bkn senang nak dpt
xkan la stakat ko terase sikit ngan member2 ko, ko nak putus kawan
member time senang dan susah penting
and aku xkan lpe kwn2 bek aku dri dulu smpi skang
jgn sbb kte xanta mecej ke xcall ke xjumpe ke korang kate kte smbong

dan byk lg nak tulis...jom la share pndgn...hahaha

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


tanx beb....
blog ko mantap kot...hahaha
trimas 4 the entry at ur blog..
aku cbe trime je la kan...hahaha
jgn riso that beb akn kena nanti..

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

high school friends...

hanif fairuz n habib


kejam celik kejam celik,
aku dah abes dah sem satu...
dah dpt result dah pown,
dan result aku boleh la kan,
xhebat tp xkurang sgt...
cukup2 mkn...

and time ni aku teringat balik member2 lme yg aku rpt kat SEMASHUR dulu...
mungkin aku x seproud mane kat sana...
but aku akn ingat korang smpai mati
cuz true friends is hard to find..

bg aku dorang ni mmg lah kwn bek aku smpai mati...
jgn risau aku xlpe korang punye...
lgpown kan, even kte xcntct, korang mesti ad punye...
hope when we see each other again, all of us had succeed in their lives...
and even whereever we are, i will always miss you guys

p/s: gmbr kat atas tu my gud member at SEMASHUR